Pictures of Eczema on Hands

Although there are a lot of eczema types, there are many patients with eczema on hands, as this is most common form of eczema. It is quite difficult to propose a treatment for this type of eczema, as this many occur because of several reasons. If you are not sure you suffer from eczema, you may be also inclined to do some allergy testing, and more rashes may occur for this reason.

If your hand skin is itchy and has overlapping crusts, it may look like in the eczema pictures bellow:

Eczema on both arms

Eczema on arm and elbow

Hand eczema

Eczema on hand

Another hand eczema pic

Small eczema

Eczema dot on hand

Eczema on hands

Our hands are constantly in contact with many products that can be represent and allergenic threat. In addition, some people have a constitutional dry skin and therefore are more easily affected by the causes of this type of eczema.

Finally, cold and dry air aggravates the tendency to have dry skin. To fight hand eczema, keep your hands hydrated and in warm places.