Eczema natural treatment

The progress of human race on the planet has been fraught with epidemics and endemics. Various symptomatic and asymptomatic diseases have hit their mortal shores and rebounded but the human species despite faltering, kept steady. Today, times are perhaps most difficult as our lifestyles make us ready absorbers of various diseases. While a few attack our immune system others hit our cardiovascular system, nervous system and else.

Eczema is one such disease triggered through overreaction of immune system and manifesting itself on the skin surface. It’s so widespread that a startling statistic recently quoted around one in every ten person having suffered from eczema once or more in their lives. Within the ambit of this article let’s learn about the disease a little.

Eczema creates skin flakes, lesions, scales and associated rashness on our skin. In the next stage it leads to inflammation which tends to get unbearable with each passing stage. It is thus suggested by the medical fraternity that a person suffering from eczema must sleep with the hand gloves on during night. While there would always be the impulse to itch the surface, hand gloves can minimize the damage. It’s a point to ponder for eczema patients.

Such surfaces when itched deeply may result in lesions or perforations. These perforations can sluice out the pus or fluid and bring up an open wound that may become a hunting ground for virus and bacteria. Staphococcyl bacteria can cause Staph infection which is likely to be cured easily. However, for the unfortunate few, such wound is being infested by Simplex Herpes, a virus that can create lethal complications in a human being which may lead to even death. Thus we understand why it is important to keep the affected areas covered especially when we are asleep and far less aware of actions.

While eczema is far spread and there is no complete cure for it, there are various techniques through which its effect can be truncated and the pain be kept within endurable proportion. As a first, you must go to the doctor as soon as you develop lesions or rashes on the skin surface and an associated malaise develops in your body. The doctor generally performs a Biopsy and finds out if the disease is actually eczema or some other close form (for example Psoriasis). The doctor also makes various diagnostic queries through which he ascertains the form of eczema.

The disease attacks us in many avatars. There is Atopic eczema and Dishydrotic eczema; there is xerotic eczema and herpetic eczema too. There are various other forms of the malady as well. Once the doctor confirms that you have eczema and medically concludes its form, he proposes a line of treatment. Apart from the cure itself, there are certain precautions to be taken. For instance, you must not take bath too often; it is advisable to go for bath once in two days. It is because, bath alters the temperature gradient of our body thus making the immune system more active and it can result in greater itching.

It is also recommended not to visit places that have high temperature and humidity gradients. Primary treatment involves usage of moisturizers. These humidifying agents create a skin that is less dry and hence less prone to rashes. Continued use of moisturizers betters the situation; body has a natural moisturizer in the form of sebum. It is secreted from the sebaceous glands present in the mesoderm. Those suffering from eczema find to their peril that the sebaceous glands almost stop producing sebum. For this reason, the doctors prescribe steroids.

These steroids shall only be bought from over the counter and with a doctor’s prescription. They allow the glands to release more sebum and hence there is automatic increase in the humidity quotient of skin. Antibiotics are also given for eczema. These are believed to sober the immune system and contain the itching and sensation of irritation. For atopic eczema, generally caused by hereditary reasons, natural cures work pretty well.

Natural yoghurt is one such cure. It contains live bacteria that turns and translates into good bacteria in due course of time; of course, you need to eat yoghurt regularly. Such good bacteria can sober down the immune system by creating an atmosphere of resistance. An herbal bath comprising of lavender or chamomile can also help a lot in alleviating the symptoms of eczema. You shall soak your skin for roughly 20 minutes and ensure that the water is between lukewarm and hot. These and diverse other techniques can ensure that you can live with eczema and live rather well.