Eczema and allergies

Humans believe that it’s still easier to fight what they can see and combat but they find themselves at their wits end when it’s time to put up their defense against microscopic granules. It’s because they are not so sure what they are fighting against. These beings can attack you without your knowing you were ever attacked and then even during the period of incubation they hardly give you any hint and keep it an Asymptomatic Disorder for you. By the time they unfurl, the symptoms can’t be nipped and neither can you go back in time and take rectification measures.

One such disease is Eczema. The root cause for eczema is still inconclusive; while the medical fraternity guns for various reasons, they haven’t been able to actually pinpoint what may be the reason for it. A few believe that it is triggered by obesity; others suggest it might be the harbinger for HIV infection. A line of thought regards proximity to dust specific places as the cause but the two most pronounced theories in this regard is heredity and immunity. The former suggests that eczema is a hereditary disease and is most likely to be carried to the offspring from the progenies.

Immunologists believe that it’s the overreaction of Immune System against the microscopic objects and this causes the blood stream to become more active and create a sensation of itching. However the theories might choose to establish eczema, there is no denying that this widespread disease is chronic and there is lack of complete cure for it. While there are many methods to calm it down and bring it under endurable levels, there is no panacea and no full remedy for it. Practitioners all across the stratum suggest herbs and natural cure along with antibiotics and steroids.

Eczema might be of many forms but at the base of it the disease tends to dry the skin and bring ample perforations and lesions on the skin surface; such flakes and scales can give birth to varied inflammation in due course of time. Xerotic eczema manifests dryness most and it is believed that patients suffering from it virtually feel the scales growing day in and day out like ghost intrusions. It becomes unbearable to tidy the situation and no amount of moistening helps the cause. Next in line are various genetic eczemas like the Atopic and the Dishydrotic ones. They are complicated but can be lived with just as well.

A fatal complication arising out of eczema is Eczema Herpeticum. It’s caused by Simplex Herpes, a virus that has jumped into the human pool in the last few decades. Those who suffer from eczema often make the mistake of sleeping without gloves and thus tend to scratch their skin surface during night. This may lead to further perforations and lesions which subsequently result in the development of wounds. These wounds are breeding grounds for this virus. The virus causes fatal intricacies in the human body as it weakens and then completely depletes the resources of the immune system.

It is still possible to fight the manifestation with steroids but that again becomes a difficult line of treatment as such steroids can further weaken the immune system and lead to the development of other diseases. While it is generally believed that eczema is not infectious yet you must not go near a patient of last-stage Eczema herpeticum even if he happens to be a very near and dear one. There is a reason for it; while eczema is not infectious, the infections originating out of it can be infectious.

Hence if a Staph infection develops over an eczema wound then it can carry itself to someone geographically proximal. It is argued by many that eczema, though confirmed by the medical fraternity to be non-contagious, still develops in partners and friends. Well!! Doctors suggest that it’s a widespread disease and this can also happen due to the probability equation.

Human beings can suffer from various other allergies and this can give them a tough time too. Conjunctivitis is a major example of one such allergy. These are caused by dander, dust mites and a few pollens perching on the sclera of the conjunctiva. It results in the inflammation of conjunctiva and can create a swelling of the region. There are various other allergens which compound the integument’s worry. In fact, a lot of skin diseases like Psoriasis and Contact Dermatitis can be caused by the pollens and other microscopic granules that infest the human beings in a hushed up way.